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Learn HCI Book Authoring + Illustrations

Published in Sep, 2020 by Packt Publishing on HCI + UX design

HCI illustations

I wrote a book about learning human computer interaction. The book has a pov that is squarely in the UX/Product and to help the content I also developed a series of Illustrations .


Chapters were given illustartions for concepts that peppered the text.


As a UX designer I felt visualing the process to be improtant for many of the readers who might not be as familiar with design concepts.


Design thinking can be visualized many ways but including simple black and white illustations lead to stong reviews and easy to consume content both in print and on the kindle.

Technical topics should be punctionuated by visuals reinforce the concepts in the text. Text plus image is key.

The Learn HCI book covers many topics including the changing trends in software development and the different opportunities users will have the future.


These illustrations went through many iterations along the way.


Illustrations also show the opportunity to exchange knowledge.


This sampleing of.

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