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Conductive Ink experiements using screenprinting

(above image from conductive ink experiments from MFA graduate program at Art Center College of Design circa 2009)

A Product Designer / Sr. User Experience Designer / Educator with a BFA: Painting from Colorado State University and an MFA from the Art Center College of Design: Media Design Program. A Designer who uses creative thinking to understand existing problems in order to forge innovative and unique solutions.


From doodles on scrap paper to crafting seamless user experiences, my journey in Design has been a tapestry woven with a passion for creative human-centered problem-solving and a relentless curiosity about people.

The Genesis of My Design Odyssey:

Ever since I can remember, I've been drawn to solving creative problems and delving into the intricacies of human nature. Design became the perfect intersection of my art background and the limitless possibilities that the digital realm offers. It allowed me to channel my creativity into crafting solutions that people not only use but genuinely enjoy.

Design in the Feynman Style:

My design approach is deeply rooted in the Feynman Technique. As a design educator, I find that teaching both the practice and theory of Design keeps me sharp. This dual perspective not only enhances my skills but also allows me to constantly evolve, bringing a unique blend of knowledge and hands-on experience to the table.

Authoring the Design Narrative:

One of my proudest accomplishments is authoring "Learn Human-Computer Interaction" through Packt Publishing. This book encapsulates my extensive experience, offering insights into how designers navigate the intricate dance with technology, making it a valuable resource for both seasoned designers and newcomers to the field.

Nurturing Creativity Beyond the Canvas:

As a designer and creative leader, my commitment to the design community extends beyond the studio. Constantly learning and evolving, I engage in workshops, public speaking, and mentorship. This not only keeps me attuned to UX trends but also allows me to contribute actively to the growth of the design landscape.

The Joy of Collaborative Creation:

What I love most is tackling challenging problems and transforming ideas from napkin sketches to high-fidelity prototypes. With experience in facilitating design classrooms and guiding the creative process, I excel in aligning user needs with business goals. I understand that the journey of Design and software development is not only about creating exceptional solutions but also about fostering a collaborative, and enjoyable environment. Bringing together high-functioning teams and mentoring individuals through this exciting process is where I thrive.

Embark on this design journey with me, where creativity meets functionality, and every pixel tells a story.

Let's build meaningful software experiences together.

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Chris R. Becker (he/him)

Chris Becker a me as a kid riding a monster truck

I am an identical twin. In 1986 I won a BigFoot in mall raffle which included a parade.


Chris R. Becker

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Work Process


User Research and Strategic Planning

Human-centered design is more an ethos that requires designers to care about their users at every phase.


Design > Prototype > Develop

As UX/UI designers we understand that you have to make something to learn something. We understand our work through making.


Design Validation > User Testing

With out user testing you are just making assumptions which is the payoff of all the hard work we do as designers.

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